In 2021, Along for the Ride rose from the ashes of its former band “The core” and morphed into a large family style band hailing from Oklahoma and Texas. Along for the Ride immersed itself into a mixture of country and rock n roll to create the unique yet familiar sound they have today. With each band member being multi-instrumental and half the band members being songwriters, each song they create brings a humble familiarity that and person can relate to.  

The hit song “Ride” was written by Mike Tipton, for his wife at the end of 2021. The song was written to portray a romance that time itself cannot dwindle down or understand. Its a song that has tremendous meaning, yet is relatable by anyone. Ride is played all over the country and favored at weddings due to its genuine sentiment.  

Even though this multi-talented band prides themselves on their originality in their songwriting, they also know a multitude of songs ranging from today's music to “oldies but goodies”. They have yet to find a song that they could not perform. Dont let the diverse appearance fool you, this band has more gumption and spunk than most people could imagine!